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Flexible Tourist was founded in 2007 when it was noticed that today's busy Atlanta visitors had limited options when it came to touring our beautiful city.

Founders Lisa Miller and Brigham Pyron have lived in Atlanta for over 33 years and enjoy spending much of their spare time exploring their exciting and beautiful city.

In addition to exploring Atlanta, they also love to travel and collectively have travelled to 48 of the 50 states and to over 28 countries.

This love of travel and exploration is what inspired them to start The Flexible Tourist to help others enjoy visiting their home town of Atlanta.

The Voice of Flexible Tourist

Edward Patrick is a retired attorney and opera chorister.    His passion for travel has led him to numerous interesting and exotic places in Europe, South America and Asia.  He has lived in the American South for more than three decades, and is especially fond of Atlanta, its cultural and commercial hub.





The Flexible Tourist Founders:
Lisa and Brigham

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